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Seven Don’t Miss Moments From Our Chesa Boudin Interview
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Seven Don’t Miss Moments From Our Chesa Boudin Interview

Don’t have an hour to watch The Standard’s live interview with District Attorney Chesa Boudin? We clipped seven of the best moments where Boudin vigorously addresses his critics and defends his record.

1. Chesa Boudin Says the Asian-American Community Supports Him.

Boudin says Chinese leaders in San Francisco are backing him, listing off all the Asian-American politicians who support him.

2. Chesa Boudin on “Tough on Crime” Prosecutors: “That’s Not San Francisco”

Boudin asks if voters really want to live in a city with “tough on crime policies, where we prosecute children as adults, where we seek the death penalty, and people come out of prison and commit mass shootings.”

3. Chesa Boudin Says It’s “Dishonest” His Office Gets So Much Criticism for Turnover.

“Every single city agency is having a hard time retaining staff right now”: Boudin says it’s “dishonest” that the DA’s office gets so much criticism for turnover and management.

4. Chesa Boudin Says It’s Often the Judges Who Order People Released From Jail.

Boudin says his team will often ask for suspects to be held in custody, but then the judge orders them released. It’s happened “hundreds of times” and happens “every day,” he said.

5. Chesa Boudin Says He Never Supported Defunding the Police.

Boudin says he “never weighed in on the whole debate about defunding the police.”

6. Chesa Boudin Says Our Criminal Justice System Remains Unsolved.

“No one has solved the problems in our criminal justice system”: Boudin makes a case for why progressive prosecution, while not perfect, has better outcomes than traditional tough-on-crime prosecution.

7. Chesa Boudin Says the People Trying to Recall Him Are Racist.

Boudin calls the people trying to recall him racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese, and challenges top recall funder William Oberndorf to a debate.

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  • Boudin claims that those that believe he should be recalled are racist?
    Collins and Lopez made the same delusional claim.
    This guy is toast.

  • Chesa sounds rational and grounded to me. The recall is a vote against voters…those of us who elected him in the first place. If the recall succeeds, the mayor, whose appointments disappoint me almost every time, will choose someone else, to replace who was elected by the voters. Nonsense! Let the man do his job, and vote him out next election if you don’t find his work effective!

  • @Sydney Gurewitz Clemens “Let the man do his job”, meanwhile nearly a 1,000 people are dying of overdoses, shoplifting has skyrocketed to the point where every product at most stores is under lock and key, companies are leaving the city due to crime… but yeah, let’s just “let the man do his job”…. if he was doing his job, he wouldn’t be under recall in the first place. Hilarious comment.

  • This is true. The proponents of the recall are racist and belong in jail. Chesa and his supporters believe in ending incarceration except for all those who support his recall and voted against him. Residents concerned for their own safety are using white supremacist thinking and want nothing except for all people of color to be incarcerated. When Chesa takes over the mayor’s office by force, he will send all those who were against him to special re-education camps located in Death Valley.

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