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Boudin Ousted by Coalition of Asian Voters From All Income Levels and Wealthy Whites

Boudin Ousted by Coalition of Asian Voters From All Income Levels and Wealthy Whites

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A powerful bloc of voters led by Asians and affluent white residents drove support for Tuesday’s recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin, according to election day results by voting precinct. The anti-recall campaign, by contrast, failed to make inroads beyond the city’s progressive strongholds.

The latest data available shows Proposition H, the ballot measure, passing by about 60-40 citywide. That’s a clear majority, but support was hardly uniform across SF. Neighborhoods where support for the recall exceeded 80% included precincts in the Marina, Visitacion Valley and around Lake Merced. Put together, it tells a story of a recall support coalition between affluent, whiter neighborhoods and Asians from across the economic spectrum.

Asians, who make up 36% of the population in San Francisco, supported the DA recall significantly more than other racial groups. And Black voters, who played a key role in keeping progressive DAs in Philadelphia and in Chicago in office, make up only 6% of San Francisco’s population.

People march to a ballot box at a rally to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin at Portsmouth Square on Friday, May 28, 2021, in San Francisco, Calif. | Paul Kuroda for The Standard.

Areas where support for the recall was under 40% included neighborhoods in Bernal Heights and Upper and Lower Haight. According to the progressive voter index, those are the two most progressive districts in San Francisco.

With almost half of the ballots still uncounted, voting patterns could shift once all results are in, though the broad strokes are likely to remain the same, said political analyst David Latterman.

“The margin may shrink a little, but it won’t matter,” he said.

Jason McDaniel, an associate professor of political science at San Francisco State University, said that Boudin’s anti-recall campaign failed because he was unable to drum up support outside the city’s hardcore progressive areas.

“Progressives can do well when they can expand geographically beyond their core, but this election’s results do not reflect that,” he said.

Relative to February’s school board recall, in which three commissioners of the city’s Board of Education were ousted by even larger margins, Boudin was able to make some gains.The Castro and Noe Valley, neighborhoods that decisively favored the school board recall, also chose to retain the embattled DA. McDaniel attributed that to Boudin’s overwhelming support from existing institutions: Most political clubs and politicians were against the recall, and established media outlets like the San Francisco Chronicle also were against the recall. (The Standard does not endorse candidates.)

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Of the precincts that voted over 80% for the recall, about half came from the Marina, an area that is demographically whiter and wealthier than the rest of San Francisco. Other whiter, wealthier areas like Pac Heights, Sea Cliff and Presidio Heights also voted strongly to recall Boudin, though none so much as the Marina.

Other areas that voted over 80% for the recall were those with lots of Asian residents: precincts near Lake Merced and Lowell High School—also the precincts that voted the most for the school board recall—and precincts near Visitacion Valley.

About 80% of the Chinese American Democratic Club’s members supported the recall, according to president Brian Quan. Quan said Boudin, despite making a concerted effort to reach Asian voters, failed to communicate his policies effectively.

“No one knew what he was trying to accomplish other than trying to reduce sentencing for basically everyone,” he said. “Asians aren’t a monolithic voting group, but a lot of the longer time residents felt the new narrative around decarceration wasn’t being applied in a sensible fashion.”

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  • “Wealthy whites”. Leave your racist garbage out of these articles. Lots of middle and working class whites and Hispanics (and Asians) voted pro-recall, too. I know many of these people (and I’m one of them). Only the really, really commie-filled neighborhoods voted against the recall (and everywhere except a very few places, like a few Bayview precincts, the pro-Boudin districts were usually less than 60-40 anti-recall; indeed, many were quite divided; just look at Standard’s own interactive precinct map).

  • I’d like to better understand the demographics of those who voted FOR Boudin. Can you please provide a corresponding assessment?

  • Don’t think too hard about who voted against the recall. Delusional, ultra progressive whites that are completely dissociated from reality. The same people who empower all the idiots on the BoS and policies which lead to the blight we all experience everyday.

  • Bayview/Hunters Point — the last bastion of African Americans (due the the “success” of the City’s anti-housing NIMBY policies) — went 60% for the Recall.

    Similar majorities in the Tenderloin and ingelside/Portola neighborhoods had enough of Boudin as well.

    Chesa was ousted by a broad coalition of voters across the racial and economic spectrum.

    Also, contrary to initial reports, the eventual voter turnout (with mail-in ballots still coming in) is looking closer to 45% — which will be higher that the 41.6% turnout in the 2019 election that brought Boudin to power with a “mandate” of less than 15% of those voters.

  • I think the SF Standard is very biased in favor of progressive Democrats. Stop dividing people by race and class.

  • So Wjm you want someone to write an entire article, do research and analysis because you asked? That’s not how it works buddy

  • This article is rife with inaccuracies and racist BS , there was a large percentage of minorities that voted to recall this idiot as well. He is just the 1st “overl”y progressive DA that will fall.. It is certainly a shock when you are “too” progressive for a city lie San Fran

  • Excuse the type-o’s lets try this again

    This article is rife with inaccuracies and racist BS , there was a large percentage of minorities that voted to recall this idiot as well. He is just the 1st “overly” progressive DA that will fall.. It is certainly a shock when you are “too” progressive for a city like San Fran

  • I think he wants an article that accurately reflects the data it presents instead of selectively choosing partial data to support a (false and racially biased) narrative. Objective analysis is how it’s supposed to work, buddy, at least in places where journalism is not seen as an extension of political propaganda.

  • The question to answer is “why are people in some districts not voting?”
    or is it the mail-in votes on the last day that cause the delay and create the illusion that people are not voting?

  • Asian Americans are also leading and organizing a campaign to recall the Los Angeles far-left DA, George Gascon. (i.e., the campaign to recall Boudin was largely led and organized by Asian Americans.)

    Have a feeling that Asian Americans in California are gonna flip and vote red this November. I know I am.

  • Wealthy whites and wealthy wokes were the ones supporting Boudin. The rest of us in San Francisco got rid of him, don’t pin this on racist propaganda.

  • Rasist Chesa supporters are supporting the murder of Asians because they don’t care about lives of Asians.

  • well, what was the Boudin ‘stop the con’ slogan about? dismissing rational concerns, gaslighting, and blaming on trump? #1, if that is the best you got, go home. #2, there are no republicans in SF, there is no there to blame it on.
    To the writer’s credit, yes, Boudin is either tone deaf politically, stupid, or just saying something to defend himself. If he weren’t an ideologue, he would have picked up on the hatred for him; it was previewed by the VA elections and the SF school board recall. Really, if you can’t figure those out, you are not just politically tone deaf, you are a moron.

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