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Feb. 15 Election Night Party Roundup
Friday, May 20, 2022

Feb. 15 Election Night Party Roundup

Supporters of the school board recall gather at Manny's on Nov. 4, 2021. | Sophie Bearman

Masks off. Ballots cast. Party hats on! On Tuesday evening, the night before the city lifts its universal indoor masking mandate, politically minded San Franciscans will gather to raise a glass—either in celebration of a hard-won victory or to wash down the bitter pill of defeat—as the results of the Feb. 15 special election come in.

San Franciscans are voting on whether to recall three members of the local school board. It’s the first time a recall for a local office has been held in almost 40 years. In addition, those who live on the eastern side of the city, in District 17, are voting in a primary for their state assemblymember. 

We’ll be busy tapping on our keyboards, working the phones and scurrying around the newsroom to keep you informed as the night unfolds. We hope you’ll keep an eye on our coverage as you rub elbows with city politicos at one of the following election night watch parties. Results should start to trickle in around 8:45 p.m. Depending on how close the election is, final results may not be known until the next day.

This is by no means a complete list, but we aim to keep it updated, so please send in any parties that we’ve missed. 

Bilal for Assembly 2022 Election Night Party

Red’s Place, 672 Jackson St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 8-10 PM  | Free (Register on

Bilal Mahmood, one of the assemblymember candidates in district 17, will be hosting an election night party at a local business which bills itself as the oldest bar in Chinatown. Mahmood supporters can enjoy food and drinks indoors or in the parklet out front.

School Board Recall Election Night Volunteer Appreciation Party

Manny’s, 3092 16th St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 8-10 PM  
| Free (Register on

School board recall campaign volunteers will gather to socialize and hear initial election results at Manny’s, the political venue in the Mission. This event is open only to campaign volunteers and the press; RSVPs are necessary.

Matt Haney’s Election Night Party

District 6, 428 11th St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 8-10 PM  
| Free

Matt Haney, SF’s current District 6 supervisor and a candidate for the state assembly, will hold his election night party at—wait for it—District 6, which was formerly the SoMa StrEat Food Park. After a management change and a rebrand, the food park is now being billed as a “premium open-air creative event space.” We will update this post when we hear more details on timing. The event will be outdoors.

Thea Selby Election Night Party

Woods Lowside, 530 Haight St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 8 PM  | Free

Thea Selby, one of the assemblymember candidates in district 17, will be hosting an election night party at Woods, a local brewery known for its experimental brews like its Girl Scout inspired beers. There are multiple locations in the city, so make sure to go to the right one.

See Also

GrowSF Election Night Victory Party

Teeth, 2323 Mission St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 7-10 PM  | Free (Register on Eventbrite)

GrowSF, a new political advocacy group that produces voter guides for moderate voters and runs a super PAC, is hosting an election night party at Teeth, a popular Mission District watering hole known for its laid back vibes and comfort food menu. The kitchen is open until 11 p.m. and attendees have the option of schmoozing indoors or out on the back patio.

SF Parents Election Night Party

Standard Deviant Brewing, 280 14th St.
Tuesday, Feb. 15 @ 7 PM  | Free

The San Francisco Parent Coalition, a group of 4,000 local public school parents, are holding a party at a local brewery.

This story has been updated from a previous version.

Anna Tong can be reached at [email protected].
  • Little history for your readers,

    Not that long ago the best place to be on election night when the polls closed was City Hall.

    For insiders like all of the consultants and their crews and lookers-on like myself.

    Every single media outlet was represented.

    I always hung around the Guardian table as the returns came in several hundred people groaned and cheered.

    It was like being in a big bar over a race track.

    Someone always dropped a stack of papers when they raised their hands in exaltation or dropped their arms in sorrow.

    Best was, all sides were there.

    Ask Mike Ege about the argument he and I had with one another and Joe Fire and the guy who ran the Home Security room in the basement.

    I’m very sorry to hear that Manny Yekutiel reserved his ‘community’ space for the billionaire reps and their minions.

    So, while Frank Gallagher used to storm from gathering to gathering in a cab to be alternately reviled and cheered now the segregated settings won’t offer that kind of mixed rush.

    I’ll stay home and watch over the North end of the Valencia corridor out my window as my 4 computers feed different channels into my Bulldog Studios/World Revolution Headquarters/small Mission Studio all alone …

    But, as a close friend used to say:

    “When you’re a paranoid schizophrenic with a narcissistic personality disorder you’re never really alone.”

    Where’s Hope Johnson when you need her?

    And, of course, ‘Joltin’ Joe’.

    Cause, “a nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.”.

    Go Rams!


  • Wow, cool,

    We gots ourselves a new art form here.

    I’m h. brown and that last post wasn’t me.

    Almost like looking at oneself in one of those fun house mirrors.

    Really, how did that get posted?

    Please, to editors, leave it up because it is an alert for all.

    It is an exact copy of my format and signature but the complete opposite of my feelings and beliefs.

    And, I thought the smears in the papers of 6 divorces painted me in a bad light!

    Actually, my divorces were all amicable.

    Anyway, while Detectives at the Standard sleuth down whomever left that last post I’m gonna give you my morning read on today’s races and parties …

    I got the guy in 17 who is a very good friend but I like the other guy’s record of Progressive accomplishments more but if he wins then his BOS seat goes to the Mayor and I don’t want that because it’s like leaving a lot of money on the table in Life’s poker game and so I’m saying that I’m backing my friend, David Campos over Matt Haney in 17 tho I think I like Thea Selby the best for sincerity and principles but like Gonzalez in the ’98 DA’s race when he was only 34 and I knew couldn’t win and voted for Fazio cause of that and Hallinan won and took Mirkarimi to the DA’s office with him as an investigator like the woman investigator who is from the Loftus administration and is saying that under Loftus she was told to not give information to the cops which a judge said was duplicative anyway and threw out her complaint and there’s that and then here comes Boudin getting elected just after this went down and I walked a hundred and ten miles carrying a homemade sign for him in that election and I’ve walked probably 500 since then carrying signs for him and various candidates and issues and while I do love them don’t tell them but the real reason I’m out there is that my doctors told me last year that if I didn’t stop drinking and start exercising I was going to die in 6 months and so I’m really mostly carrying the signs for the exercise and I’ve lost just over 50 pounds to get to my perfect weight according to google of 132 pounds and I’m still alive and walking and let’s see whomever tried to imitate me above imitate this part of my writing style and I voted against the Recall of the School Board because Recalls have become a billionaire Republican tool to insure minority rule and I’m putting that on a sign as I noted on SFist couple days ago and I didn’t even realize they were still there and stumbled across them in a link and I’m gonna go drop off a couple of Xmas gifts I couldn’t get to Queen Bee over the holidays this morning and hope I run into the Fire Chief who is giving a deposition for a case and the Housing Authority is still screwing with me like Robert Redford in the Sting but that’s another story and please ignore but study the person who imitated me above cause no one can imitate ma Brown’s boy.

    Go Niners and beat the ‘Super Bowl Champ’ Rams!


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