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Mayor Breed Weighs In on DA Recall: ‘This Does Not Mean That Criminal Justice Reform in San Francisco is Going Anywhere’
Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mayor Breed Weighs In on DA Recall: ‘This Does Not Mean That Criminal Justice Reform in San Francisco is Going Anywhere’

Following the historic recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, which many are characterizing as a referendum on progressive politics in the city, Mayor London Breed refused to offer up the names of those she’s considering as a replacement for the DA but reassured residents that criminal justice reform remains a priority.

“This does not mean that criminal justice reform in San Francisco is going anywhere. It does not mean that there will be, all of a sudden, a significant setback,” said Breed, who also emphasized the need for accountability.

“…to be clear, sometimes accountability means rehab. Sometimes accountability means community service. It is not just about law and order and tough on crime and locking people up and throwing away the key,” said Breed. “It’s about accountability when those lines are crossed and coming to a reasonable conclusion around justice and what that really means for, in some cases, not just the perpetrator but the people who fall victim to those crimes.”

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  • So, chesa goes but his policies stay. Recallers, you happy with that? Perhaps, it’s not much of a win after all.

  • If her appointee doesn’t change Chesa’s policies, we’ll vote that person out in November and Breed out next year. Simple.

  • Waiting for real elections with actual candidates to vote for? Didn’t think that was recallers’ style. Plenty of time to gather signatures and oust the mayor now.

  • The citizenry of SF just took a political dump on the DA and the policies the mayor has fully encouraged and supported. Yet despite this blatant repudiation, she has the temerity to hold a press conference and announce that she will essentially continue with the very same policies. She will be the next political victim.

  • Then we will throw the Mayor out of office, too. Can we get a local billionaire who’s not an actual commie to run, like Caruso in LA? We WANT law and order restored in SF!


  • Watch out Mayor. Asians are not a fan of your racist policies either. Don’t assume your position is safe. The novelty of first black woman has long pass. Time to show results. Merit means something to Asians. Ask Boudin.

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