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Know Your Newsroom: The Standard Staff on What We’re All About

Written by Jonathan WeberVideo by Jesse RogalaPublished Mar. 25, 2022 • 4:16pm
The Standard


Since we unveiled The San Francisco Standard last November, we’ve been building the team we need to bring you the kind of timely, in-depth and trusted reporting that will help you know your city—and hopefully help make it an even greater place.

We’re now a team of more than 20 and still growing fast. We’ve only just gotten started, but hopefully we’re already delivering a useful daily report.

We wanted to mark the occasion with a video that gives a deeper look at who we are and what we’re aiming to do.

Hope you enjoy it! As always, please reach out directly with feedback of any kind. I’m at [email protected] and almost all staff emails follow that same convention.


Jonathan Weber can be reached at [email protected]

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