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A slice of SF: The Standard guide to the best Thanksgiving pies

The incredible crust of Black Jet Bakery's Banana Cream Pie | Courtesy Black Jet Bakery

There’s always room for pie—but does it always have to be pumpkin?

Whether you're dining out or taking out this Thanksgiving, it's easy to serve up a new slice of dessert. While San Francisco bakers are certainly rolling out pumpkin, apple and other fall classics, consider ordering one of these seven unique pies for your feast's finale.

Sweet Cheese Tart from Grand Opening Bakery

Don’t miss ordering something from this Mr. Jiu’s pop-up. The mix of black sesame and miso caramel under this showstopper of a pie top is just one of Grand Opening’s intriguing options.

Custard Mochi Pie from Butterlove Bake Shop

This Thanksgiving, experience the distinctive texture of mochi in pie form. Butter Love Bakeshop combines the spongy Japanese sweet rice flour with creamy custard to make an extraordinary dessert.

Pear Frangipane Tart from Noe Valley Bakery

While not a typical Thanksgiving dessert in America, Parisians turn to the tarte Bourdaloue for all special occasions. Noe Valley Bakery has perfected the picture-perfect tart for San Franciscans.

Vegan Blackberry Crumble from Three Babes Bakeshop

Organic blackberries weighed down by Three Babes’ oatmeal cookie crumble top? It's a cinnamony classic elevated for a big holiday buffet. (And no one will guess that it’s vegan!)

Banana Cream Pie from Black Jet Bakery  

My grandma used to make this one for Christmas because bananas are in season all year, right? Black Jet’s version showcases its super flaky crust and extra chunky bananas.

Sweet Potato Pie from Yvonne’s Southern Sweets

Feel weird without something orange to adorn your Thanksgiving buffet? Try a sweet potato pie. But be sure to source it from an expert, like Yvonne’s.

Pecan Chocolate Rye Tart from Tartine Manufactory

Why go pecan when you can go pecan-chocolate-rye? Leave it to Tartine to push this southern classic to new holiday heights.

Where to Find the Best Pies in San Francisco

Need more options? Check out our map and guide to the best pie makers in San Francisco (above) and the East and North Bay (below).

But whatever pie piques your palette, order today, or you’ll be back to pumpkin.

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Much of Thanksgiving weekend in the SF Bay Area takes place in the outdoors. | Getty Images