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Nancy Pelosi documentary premieres tomorrow on HBO Max

A still from the documentary, “Pelosi in the House,” show Alexandra Pelosi (left) and Nancy Pelosi (right). | Courtesy HBO

A documentary about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—through the eyes of her daughter—premieres Tuesday on HBO Max. 

Pelosi in the House spans three decades of Nancy Pelosi’s life at home and at work in a cinema verité style. Pelosi’s daughter, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, made the film—her 14th documentary for HBO. 

The film tracks Pelosi’s life in public office from her 1987 election to Congress, to her becoming the first (and only) female Speaker of the House in 2007, to the 2020 election and President Joe Biden’s inauguration. 

When the next Congress convenes, Nancy Pelosi will take on the title of "Speaker Emerita." | Courtesy HBO

Nancy Pelosi is in her 19th term representing San Francisco and her fourth and final term as Speaker of the House. Last month, House Democrats elected Hakeem Jeffries to replace her in January, and she will take on the honorary title of “Speaker Emerita.” 

With the imminent end of Pelosi’s speakership and the specter of political violence haunting the family after Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was attacked with a hammer during a home invasion, the time was arguably ripe for a retrospective. 

Prior to working as an HBO documentary filmmaker, the younger Pelosi spent a decade as a field producer at NBC News. She received six Emmy nominations for her 2000 documentary Journeys With George, which charted George W. Bush’s presidential campaign.