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Ticketless Madonna fans vent their rage on Twitter while luckier fans flaunt their success

Feeling sad that you couldn’t snag Madonna tickets? You’re not alone. Madonna performs onstage during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. | Mike Coppola/Getty

Tickets for Madonna’s Celebration Tour went on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. this morning. But despite adding an additional Oct. 5 date to her local run of performances, it seems that securing seats for any of the pop icon’s upcoming slate of shows is proving a significant challenge for some—both emotionally and monetarily.

Fans who were unable to secure seats, or paid out the nose for them, are screaming into the void—that is to say, Twitter—using the language of GIFs and TikTok snippets to express their stress, sorrow and rage. Quite a few of the lucky ones have also hopped on social media to gloat.

Some of the less fortunate are doing their best to handle the situation with as much class as they can muster:

Others, however, have simply been unable to hold it together:

Plenty are being a bit dramatic, likening the struggle to secure tickets to physical combat:

The battle for passes to see the artist known for smash hits like “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin” is certainly leaving plenty of people emotionally bruised. But it’s also hurting on Madonna fans’ pocketbooks.

That makes sense. After all, according to one local Twitter user who went looking for tickets to Madonna’s upcoming Chase shows, the “price of a *single* floor seat is $3,507.50.”

Eesh… Those are Montgomery Burns prices right there.

But perhaps that explains all the sore winners out there. After all, ignoring the sickening feeling of an overdrawn checking account is easier if you’re busy gloating about your victory.

The Celebration Tour launches in Vancouver on July 15, followed by performances in Los Angeles, New York, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris and more. Opening act Bob the Drag Queen (aka Caldwell Tidicue) is slated to warm up the crowd for all dates.