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Two Cupids are spreading the love all over page Slow Street

Courtesy Page Slow Street

This Valentine’s Day, Page Street will be adorned with love notes written to significant others, friends, roommates and even pets. 

Molly Hayden and Jessica Jenkins—two Page Slow Street stewards (or Cupids, if you prefer)—are inviting San Franciscans who use or simply appreciate the popular car-light corridor to submit letters. 

“We just decided that it would be a really unique way to celebrate Page Street and would be kind of cute,” Hayden said. “A lot of people write notes to their little kids or dogs.”

With the help of volunteers, Hayden and Jenkins will craft and distribute the Valentines along the 20 blocks of Page Street on Friday night, to be enjoyed over the weekend and leading into Valentine’s Day.

Courtesy Page Slow Street

This is the second year the duo has spread love on Page. In 2022, they made and posted more than 100 heart-shaped Valentines, which Hayden cut from colored construction paper and laminated. This time around, she’s hoping to get even more artsy, possibly using alcohol inks to create vibrant patterns and designs.

The Cupids are expecting more love letters than ever before, with around 100 already submitted as of publication.

Examples of submissions this year include:

“You are my life’s greatest conversation and I adore your pure, adventurous soul. Now, let’s pop open a coke, eat a damn good meal, and put on a movie.”

“I’m sorry you have to wear a cone of shame, but you’re the best pup in the world, Rue!”

“Joshua, my forever Valentine! You’re going to be a dad! The best dad! I love you.”

Courtesy Page Slow Street

You can get in on the action by submitting a Valentine via this Google Form. Just make sure to send in your love note by midnight on Thursday, Feb. 9, so the Cupids have time to get it created and posted.

Plus, if you want to turn your Valentine note into a brunch date, bring your significant other, friend or pet by Page Street on Sunday, Feb. 12. There will be a free pancake breakfast party from 10 a.m. to noon on the corner of Baker and Page—the perfect intersection of love and good eats.

Submitting a Valentine is free, though people interested in donating can give to Page Slow Street to support future events. 

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