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San Francisco cop gets revenge on man he says insulted his mom: ‘He’s in the clink’

San Francisco police sergeant Adam Plantinga poses for a portrait on Sixth Street between Mission and Howard streets in 2014. | Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

A San Francisco police sergeant took to Twitter Wednesday to tell the world he'd gotten revenge on a man who allegedly insulted his mother.

Sgt. Adam Plantinga said he saw a man peeing in public about a year ago and told him to knock it off, and the man responded with some "choice words" about the officer's mother and cursed at him, according to the officer's tweet.

"Saw him today and ran a wanted check. Behold, a felony warrant. So now he's in the clink ..." the tweet added.

The San Francisco Police Department confirmed the officer is a sergeant at Mission Police Station and provided a synopsis of the arrest.

The department said officers were patrolling 16th and Mission streets at 2:52 p.m. Wednesday when they saw a suspect with an active arrest warrant.

The officers detained the 42-year-old suspect and took him to jail for alleged possession of drug paraphernalia and out-of-county warrant for attempted grand theft, the department said.

San Francisco police Sgt. Adam Plantinga | Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

"Say what you want about me, but you malign my mother, and it's on. Kathleen Fay Plantinga is a light in this world," the officer said in a follow up tweet.

The tweet drew strong reactions on the bird app, with some questioning the officer's motives and others commending his efforts.

"You better delete this tweet," one Twitter user said. "It looks bad to be using grudges instead of immediate probable cause to guide your decisions. I bet it wouldn't hold up in a grand jury."

"Love the karma, but also kiiiiiiiinda sus to be running people because of a personal slight, don't you think?" another Twitter user wrote.

Several replies mentioned the word "karma."

In addition to provocative tweets, Sgt. Plantinga has authored two nonfiction books on policing and has served as an officer in the city for over 13 years, according to his website.

Sgt. Plantinga has yet to respond to The Standard's request for comment.

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