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Watch: San Francisco pizza master shows off skills with acrobatic flair

Tony Gemignani, world-renowned master pizza chef and owner of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, recently invited The Standard to his famous restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood to talk about his career, passion for his craft and to show off some of his jaw-dropping acrobatic tricks using pizza dough.

As it turns out, pizza acrobatics is actually a sport and involves an incredible amount of precision and dexterity to perform. Pizza chefs toss discs of dough high in the air, spin them through their legs and roll them off their shoulders in a dazzling display of creative movement. Apart from being a six-time world champion for the quality of his pizzas, Gemignani has also won seven world championships for his skills in pizza acrobatics.

While Gemignani still loves tossing dough, he doesn’t perform nearly as much as he used to. These days he’s fully focused on his craft and more dedicated than ever to bringing the highest quality pizza to his loyal customers.

Watch our video for a glimpse into what sets Tony apart from other pizza makers.