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Bid on neon lights, guitars and sofas at upcoming Twitter auction

The new X logo is seen being installed on top of the Twitter headquarters on July 28, 2023. It has since been taken down. | Source: Isaac Ceja/The Standard

The social media giant formerly known as Twitter—now X—is holding another auction, presenting a second chance for anyone wishing to own a piece of Twitter’s Downtown San Francisco offices.

All items are located at the former Twitter headquarters at 1355 Market St. in San Francisco. A total of 584 pieces are listed in the sale, which starts on Sept. 12 at 7 a.m. and ends Sept. 14 at 9 a.m.

Payment will be accepted in wire transfers and due 48 hours after closure.

This is not Twitter’s first auction. Last December, Twitter listed bird statues, Apple iMacs and coffee makers for sale. “High performance” office chairs, ice machines, ovens, refrigerators and projectors were also up for grabs—as well as a 6-foot-2 “@” symbol sculpture that doubled as a planter.

Most of this year’s items will open at the auction for $25, with wooden coffee tables, neon marquee signs and a hanging birdcage-themed sofa swing followed by “Twitter Essential’s” vinyl records, guitars, amplifiers, keyboards, drum sets and a DJ booth.

A screengrab shows items on sale from Twitter's San Francisco offices. | Source: Courtesy HGP Auction

Modular sofas, coffee tables, rugs, stools and benches are followed by refrigerators, beer dispensing kegerators, coffee grinders and espresso machines.

Printers, wall dividers, workstations, lockers, and conference room tables and chairs are ripe for the plucking. Multiple 55-inch digital whiteboards—including 78 listed as “new in box”—and video conferencing systems with 80-inch television screens also appear, alongside another set of lime-green chairs.

Last year, as the auction opened for many items at $25, The Standard placed its own bid for lime-green chairs but was quickly outbid by hundreds of dollars as late offers on some items extended the bidding for up to an hour past the official end times.

A video explainer from December 2022 looks at the previous Twitter auction.

Since that auction, the company has faced multiple lawsuits and a source code leak, announced its name change to X Corp., hired a new chief executive before deleting its famous bird logo and removed iconic exterior signage. More recently, X installed a giant flashing sign atop its headquarters, then blocked city staff from inspecting it before its removal

In the interim, competitors like Bluesky and Threads have begun gaining traction among other users. 

When contacted Thursday about the auction and whether any raised profits would go toward meeting financial obligations, the social media platform said it would respond to requests for comment soon.

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