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San Francisco commissioner resigns after city says she OK’d nonprofit’s fake invoices

London Breed appointee Susan Murphy resigned in the wake of a city attorney investigation into the troubled nonprofit.

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Susan Murphy, executive workforce director of the nonprofit Faces SF, welcomes Muni trainee drivers to an event on Sept. 27, 2022. | Source: Michaela Vatcheva for The Standard

The chair of the commission that oversaw a new Bayview community center has resigned after facing allegations she approved false invoices for a nonprofit that bilked the city for at least $100,000. 

Susan Murphy gave the mayor her resignation Wednesday morning after the City Attorney’s Office announced the findings of an investigation that allege Murphy OK’d faked invoices for a nonprofit called J&J Community Resource Center, which provides services for low-income families and youth. 

The nonprofit is run by LeAndrew Jenkins, who, until recently, ran a youth center in Visitacion Valley. Murphy used to be the nonprofit’s secretary, according to tax filings. 

“We expect those who step up to serve on commissions to be acting on behalf of the public, not subverting the public trust. When someone crosses that line, they no longer meet the standard to serve,” the Mayor’s Office said in a statement. 

The joint City Attorney and City Controller Offices investigation has led to Murphy and Jenkins being sanctioned: Neither can do business with the city for five years.

Jenkins and Murphy did not respond to a request for comment. 

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Susan Murphy, the former chair of the Southeast Community Facility Commission, resigned from her seat Wednesday. | Source: Justin Katigbak/The Standard

Murphy was appointed by Breed in 2019 and chaired the Public Utilities Commission’s Southeast Community Facility Commission. The facility was created by the PUC in part to ameliorate the fact that the city’s largest wastewater treatment plant is in the Bayview. 

Murphy’s resignation comes in the wake of a series of scandals and resignations related to city-funded nonprofits, including the recent firing of the head of San Francisco Police-funded SF SAFE after a Controller’s Office report revealed financial mismanagement. 

Cigars and booze

Jenkins’ nonprofit was created and run by him and his late mother, Ruth Jackson, in 2018, according to the city. 

Initially, the nonprofit’s aim was to put on an annual community event in Visitacion Valley, but in recent years has expanded its role and its bank account.

Jenkins worked at the Mercy Housing-run Willie L. Brown Jr. Youth Center in Visitacion Valley for seven years until Nov. 9, 2023; he began his alleged scheme in 2021. 

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LeAndrew Jenkins, who runs J&J Community Resource Center, allegedly submitted false invoices to the city that were approved by Susan Murphy, the former chair of the Southeast Community Facility Commission. | Source: The Standard

That scheme involved his organization falsifying invoices and double billing the city for grants he received as a sole grantee or subcontractor from four different city departments. 

In one instance, Jenkins allegedly submitted expense reports for items that were barred by the grant that his nonprofit received through the Human Rights Commission. Jenkins asked to get paid back for a bottle of bourbon and cigars from a liquor store during a college tour trip. His reimbursements also included motorcycle rentals in Lake Tahoe.

The image shows part of a reservation document for Rolling Freedom Motorcycles with pickup and dropoff dates, personal details, location info, and a total cost of $3,335.35.
A receipt shows $3,335.35 worth of charges submitted by LeAndrew Jenkins from Rolling Freedom Motorcycles in Lake Tahoe. | Source: Courtesy San Francisco City Attorney's Office

Murphy’s role in the scheme involved her former employer, Family and Child Empowerment Services San Francisco (FACES SF), where she approved false invoices submitted by Jenkins, according to city investigators. 

Murphy, who worked for the organization for 16 years, is no longer employed there, said Jon Skolnick, FACES SF CEO. 

“FACES SF works closely with the City of San Francisco to ensure that all funds are managed with the highest level of integrity. We are in good standing with the City of San Francisco on all contracts and have fully cooperated with this investigation,” he said.  

Meanwhile, the District Attorney’s Office had no comment on whether Jenkins or Murphy are being investigated or if there is any plan to file charges.

Murphy did not get the chance to attend her last meeting as chair of her former commission because its regular Wednesday meeting was canceled. However, earlier this week, she was at the community center for a Black History Month event where Breed spoke about giving back to the community.

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