Know Your Neighbors

Jackie Fielder Organizes the City and State for Racial and Environmental Justice

Know Your Neighbor: The SF organizer sees herself as part of a wave of young, progressive politicians fighting to wrest power from corporations and return it to the people.

Ben Bleiman: San Francisco’s Tireless Defender of Late-Night Fun

In advance of San Francisco’s June 2021 reopening, Ben Bleiman, founder of the SF Bar Owner Alliance, successfully persuaded local bar owners to deny entry to patrons who could not produce proof of a Covid-19 vaccination or a recent negative test.

Tongo Eisen-Martin Delivers Tough Love to SF Through Verse

San Francisco’s poet laureate has a deep passion for the city that raised him. Through his writing, he seeks to illuminate all that is beautiful—and ugly—about his home.

Kiri the Fire Truck Captivates the Community With Compact Cuteness

For 30 years, Kiri killed fires with cuteness—and water. These days, the Daihatsu, and its owner, Todd Lappin, just want to relax.

Joshua James Is a Curator of Non-Alcoholic Community

For Outer Richmond resident Joshua James, non-alcoholic spaces are about more than sobriety. They’re about facilitating communities that make our habits not only sustainable but joyous. 

Ali Jamalian Fights Corporate Cannabis With High Quality Homegrown

The equity owner of the San Francisco-based ‘Sunset Connect’ recreational weed brand aims to reverse the ‘evil impact of America’s drug war.’

Robin Galante is a Forensic Artist for SF Buildings Lost to Time

Meet Robin Galante, a self-taught artist who has built a loyal following—and successful small business—based on her illustrations of San Francisco streetscapes, vistas and victorian homes.

Kevin Madrigal Galindo Feeds the People and Their Souls

Meet Kevin Madrigal Galindo, the first-generation Mexican American poet and food justice advocate behind the local nonprofit, Farming Hope, and author of ‘Hell/a Mexican.’