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Introducing Here/Say Media

We started Here/Say Media to answer a simple question—what if local news made us feel something so strong we had to do something about the issues it uncovers?

We love San Francisco. But we’re not going to sugarcoat it—things aren’t great here right now. Rising homelessness. A never-ending pandemic. Shuttered schools. Streets that don’t feel safe or clean. Local politicians as polarized as Congress. Living here can feel like climbing a steep hill… and not just literally. 

But we’re optimistic that San Francisco can do better. That’s why we’re committed to local storytelling that educates, emboldens and compels. Our mission is to cover our city so that everyone—perhaps for the first time—gets it and cares. We aim to give everyone the information and tools they need to feel like shared owners of our city.

How? Our diverse Here/Say team reaches you where you are. We’re in your inbox, on social media, never behind a paywall and never assuming that anyone in our audience does or does not know who or what is happening in our city.

To boot, we’re committed to creating content that we’d want to share ourselves—audio, video and writing that’s binge-worthy and informative. In other words, we watch the marathon City Hall meetings so you don’t have to. Then, we cut together must-see moments to make them as engaging as that Netflix series you can’t stop watching.

Here are our commitments to you:

We break it down. Don’t know who your Board of Supervisors district representative is? Didn’t vote in the last election…or ever? That’s okay. We go back to the basics on every facet of civic life in San Francisco. But don’t shy away if you’re an insider. We also go deep into critical local issues so that you’ll always find a new perspective.

We look for solutions. We care about the future of San Francisco. When we identify solutions that make San Francisco better for all of us, we highlight them.

We make local news fun. We’re building a new model for reporting on local issues. We produce vibrant, dynamic and high-quality multimedia content that’s laser-focused on our own backyard and delivered directly to your digital doorstep in an edgy, honest and relatable way.  

We go high. There’s a lot of shouting into the abyss of the internet. Picking sides, pointing fingers and piling on are not things we’ll ever do. We’re here to give you the facts and frameworks to equip you to take action and help us all work together to make our city a better place.

Buckle up, San Francisco. We’re excited to have you along for the ride.

Sophie Bearman

Meaghan Mitchell

Christina Campodonico

Sophie Bearman can be reached at

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