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Chocolate covered serves more than just chocolate at its small Noe Valley location

Jack Epstein of Chocolate Covered is selling chocolate—800 distinct bars from his hole-in-the-wall boutique in Noe Valley, to be exact—but he’s also selling San Francisco.

From the back of his tiny shop, the eclectic small business owner creates original, blue and white San Francisco-themed boxes with photographs of popular streets, landmarks, small businesses and influential people. The hand-printed tins, with images ranging from Bush Street to Baker Beach to Cliff House to Stephen Curry, are filled with chocolates and bought by locals and tourists alike as a way to remember and celebrate San Francisco.

“People are generally in awe of the collection I’ve built over the past 27 years,” said Epstein.

“You don’t buy them because they’re a box. You buy them because the image is meaningful to you or the person you plan to give it to,” he added.

Video by Mike Kuba.

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