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Board of Supes in 4 mins: Mr. Dorsey goes to City Hall, Preston pesters Breed on housing

Supervisor Dean Preston walks through the Board of Supervisors meeting on May 2, 2022. | Camille Cohen

Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting made up for past weeks’ light agendas with the welcoming of a new member, pointed questioning on affordable housing, significant new legislation and a marathon public comment session over the recent and heated redistricting process. 

Mayor’s Appearance: Preston’s PROXY Battle & Affordable Housing

Unlike last month, when Board President Shamann Walton apparently “forgot” about her waiting to appear before the Board, Mayor London Breed was able to offer a warm welcome to new District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey. She then got an earful from District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston on affordable housing. 

      Preston then proceeded to grill the mayor on—what else?—housing. 

              New Business: More Housing & Treasure Island Appointments

              Speaking of affordable housing, supervisors approved the ground lease and financing for an affordable housing project at 180 Jones St. in the Tenderloin.

                  One growing venue for affordable housing is Treasure Island—which is in Supervisor Dorsey’s district. He and his colleagues approved reappointments of three directors to the board of the Treasure Island Development Authority, a hybrid nonprofit organization and agency that oversees development and infrastructure on the island. The reappointments are:

                        Roll Call: Dorsey Checks In

                        New District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey made initial remarks during Roll Call, telling his new colleagues how “grateful” he was to join the board and noting his shared history with many of the supervisors. For example, Dorsey worked with Board President and District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton in the 2019 campaign to save the city’s ban on e-cigarettes.

                        Acknowledging the contentious nature of his job, he also stressed that he will approach it from a position of mutual respect. “We all have a history together,” Dorsey said. “I’m honored to be here, I can’t wait to get to work.”

                            Also at Roll Call: 

                                    Public Comment: Redistricting is Bad, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

                                    While supervisors breezed quickly through Tuesday’s agenda, an early recess was not to be, as public comment extended over two and a half hours

                                          Tuesday’s meeting adjourned after a 90 minute closed session to confer with labor negotiators to discuss city employee raises, as part of budget and salary ordinances currently being submitted. If you want to see the recently submitted budgets for selected departments, click here. The second budget and salary ordinance for remaining departments will be submitted in June.