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Watch the full—and fiery—District 6 supervisor debate

District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey and candidates Honey Mahogany, Cherelle Jackson and Ms. Billie Cooper convened Wednesday for a debate at The Standard’s SoMa office to discuss the key issues affecting District 6. 

The debate, which covered topics as wide-ranging as restoring downtown, housing, homelessness and public safety, at times got a bit feisty. In one instance, Ms. Cooper told Mahogany to “close your mouth” after the latter questioned if she could answer with a full answer—as others did—or needed to limit herself to a one-word answer.

In final statements, clipped below, each of the candidates gave impassioned speeches on why they should be the District 6 supervisor.

Ms. Cooper got the microphone first and said the person who gets the job should have lived experience. “This is the face of District 6, and this is the face of San Francisco,” she said.

Jackson said that marginalized communities should not feel hopeless. “We can get this done together,” she said. “It’s important for you to see someone in that street who can represent you the most.”

Dorsey talked about asking Mayor London Breed for the appointment and why this job isn’t about money, but instead is personal to him. He noted how the overdose crisis overlaps with his own journey in recovery. “This is the obligation of my survival,” he said.

And in final comments, Mahogany gave a rousing speech in which she noted how her experience, both personal and professional, makes her the best candidate for the role. “I have been fighting my entire life because I love San Francisco,” she said. “That’s why I have the support of all the people who clean the city’s biggest messes.”

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