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‘Just tear it down’: San Francisco Wine Society’s posh parklet will shutter

The San Francisco Wine Society’s parklet is locked up after multiple incidents of vandalism are forcing the business to shutter its highly designed outdoor dining space in San Francisco’s Financial District. | Camille Cohen/The Standard

One of the city’s prettiest parklets is about to say buh-bye.

San Francisco Wine Society, the luxe Financial District wine bar and lounge, will close its much-praised parklet—dubbed one of the best and most beautiful in the city—on Dec. 23.

Owner Danielle Kuzinich said the decision was due to repeated incidents of vandalism and concern over new regulations for parklets the city will roll out next year.

San Francisco Wine Society's parklet, which shuts down Dec. 23, 2022, was dubbed the city's best parklet by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. | Julie Soefer/Courtesy San Francisco Wine Society

San Francisco Wine Society’s parklet previously made headlines when it was trashed and vandalized last December, costing Kuzinich an estimated $40,000 in business. Since rebuilding the space after that incident, Kuzinich estimates that the parklet has been broken into 20 times over the last year. 

An incident of vandalism over the weekend convinced her that it was time to give up. “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Kuzinich said. “I just feel like I don’t have a choice. It’s a constant uphill battle.”

San Francisco Wine Society owner Danielle Kuzinich decorated and designed the wine bar's parklet with velvet couches and wingback chairs and even carpeted and wallpapered the space, which has been acclaimed as one of San Francisco's most creative parklets. | Julie Soefer/Courtesy San Francisco Wine Society

The parklet, which was named the best in the city by The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and dubbed one of the city’s most creative by Eater San Francisco, cost Kuzinich $32,000 to design and furnish. The outdoor lounge space is known for its luxurious velvet couches, chandeliers, wingback chairs and two electric fireplaces. Kuzinich decorated and designed the space herself as parklets came into vogue and became a bright spot for dining and socialization in the city during the deeper waves of the pandemic.  

Although closing the parklet will cost a 22-seat dining section, Kuzinich said its upkeep is no longer worth it.

“I’ve got to a point where I just emotionally can’t take it anymore. At this point, instead of fighting the battle with the city coming up, it’s like we might as well just tear it down,Kuzinich said.

But San Franciscans still have a few more weeks to enjoy the posh space before it shutters for good, and the wine bar is enticing potential patrons with a suite of cheerfully themed holiday wine flights starting at $15.

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