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Loose cow leaves a mess on Tesla, causes chaos in Bay Area streets

Police responded to reports of a brown cow snarling traffic in Pleasanton on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023. | Courtesy Pleasanton Police Department

A loose cow was involved in a "cow-llision" with a Tesla late Wednesday after causing chaos in Pleasanton, the local police department said.

The incident, first reported by KRON4, involved a brown cow smashing into a Tesla's windshield, damaging the car and leaving a mess on its hood.

The cow left a brown substance on the front of the vehicle and police were unable to determine whether it was feces or mud.

A cow left a brown substance on a Tesla after colliding with it. | Courtesy Pleasanton Police Department

Police received more than a dozen calls about the cow causing traffic issues along Bernal Avenue and Stanley Boulevard at approximately 5:50 p.m. Wednesday. Officers responded and slowly followed the cow as it ran around the area.

The collision occurred at approximately 6:50 p.m., and neither the cow nor the driver was injured, police said.

Local ranchers from nearby Danville and Livermore later corralled the cow into a trailer by 7 p.m. to return it home, which police believe is in Pleasanton.

Local ranchers corralled the cow into a trailer after it meandered around town and collided with a Tesla. | Courtesy Pleasanton Police Department

Police did not say who the cow's owners are, or how the animal escaped.

"Despite a cow-llision with a sedan, the cow safely returned home. There were no reported injuries," police said on Twitter.

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