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Barricades appear on San Francisco’s ‘Las Vegas Strip’—but the plan has changed

Capp Street barricades | Courtesy image

Barricades were installed along Capp Street after allegations from residents of violence, noise and prostitution, city officials confirmed to The Standard Friday.

The barricades are intended to disrupt sex work in the street that has been described as San Francisco's "Las Vegas Strip," with neighbors complaining about yelling, almost naked women and noisy traffic late into the night.

The barriers now block the northern intersections along Capp Street between 19th and 23rd streets, as opposed to earlier plans to block Capp between 18th and 22nd streets.

Police presence will also be increased along Capp Street to enforce traffic offenses.

The current plan is to have the barricades placed 24/7 for an indefinite period of time.

Supervisor Hilary Ronen, who represents the area, said that the next steps are to evaluate how effectively the barriers prevent johns—those who pay for sex worker services—from cruising along Capp Street.

The supervisor said she is also monitoring whether the sex workers move to other nearby streets.

"We're going to monitor it closely. It's not a perfect solution, but we have to disrupt the activity in this area," Ronen said.