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SF thieves nab AEW wrestler’s championship belt from rental car

Wardlow pins Elijah Dean and James Alexander during AEW Dynamite. | Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A professional wrestler had a championship belt stolen during a car break-in in San Francisco, he said.

Michael Wardlow, a pro wrestler for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) tweeted a video showing his rental car after it was broken into, with the rear passenger window shattered and the rear seat folded back. He said he lost his equipment and his recently won AEW TNT Championship title belt.

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“Whoever did this better thank God that I didn’t catch you in the act because your jaw would be as shattered as this glass is,” Wardlow said in the video.

San Francisco police said that at around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday a 35-year-old male victim entered Northern Station to report an auto burglary of his car, which was parked on California Street between Fillmore and Steiner streets near Lower Pacific Heights.

California Street, close to where the burglary happened | Google Street View

Police said that a wallet, laptop, sports gear and other personal items were taken during the theft.

Wardlow had recently won the championship title during a match against wrestler Samoa Joe at AEW Revolution in San Francisco on Sunday. Wardlow will be in Sacramento Wednesday to defend the title against wrestler Powerhouse Hobbs.

Some local auto glass repair shops in the city have noted an increase in break-ins where thieves break the rear windows to fold down the seats to access the trunk.

“It used to be the passenger side, but now it’s more the driver side,” said Louis Chen, owner of TLC Auto Glass, a car window repair shop in SoMa.

Quarter panels, the triangular windows that cars have, are often broken to unlock the door and access the trunk, according to Louis Chen, owner of TLC Auto Glass in San Francisco. | Garrett Leahy/The Standard

Thieves also break into cars to steal them, which can be more easily done on certain models of cars.

Wardlow took the theft in his stride, saying that he would get to the Sacramento match regardless and “get this shit done.”

The Hobbs-Wardlow match will air tonight at 5 p.m.

Wardlow, AEW and TNT were contacted for comment.

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