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The best BYOB restaurants in San Francisco

Pakwan in the Mission is known for their BYOB policy. | Shelby Knowles for The Standard

Another victim of the pandemic? The tradition of BYOB restaurants in San Francisco.

Many of the eateries long famed for allowing you to “bring your own bottle” of wine or beer for free are now no longer allowing it—or are no longer in business.

Beer and wine have always been among the menu items with the highest margins so earning that extra revenue during the post-Covid era is more critical than ever for struggling dining establishments around the city.

Martin pours a bottle of wine while eating dinner with his family at Pakwan in the Mission on March 10, 2023. | Shelby Knowles for The Standard

Pakwan is one longtime favorite that still allows customers to BYOB to both their locations in the Mission and the Tenderloin. A pinot or craft Pilsner bought at the corner store pairs nicely with its Pakistani Indian curries and other spicy fare.

The Standard found about a dozen places that still allow you to “brown bag” your beer or wine for free—or offer some type of deal on wine corkage, which now regularly runs $20-$30, but fees of $50 and up are not a surprise anymore. 

Check out the list below for other popular BYOB spots around the city—and don’t forget to BYO corkscrew, just in case.

Where to Bring In Beer and Wine for Free in SF

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the BYOB policy of Curry Up Now and Zen Yai.

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