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Giant party of ‘1,500 high school kids’ causes chaos at Golden Gate Park

A large group of youngsters gathers at 25th Avenue and Fulton Street near Golden Gate Park on March 18, 2023. | Courtesy Citizen

A huge party in Golden Gate Park was broken up by police on Saturday night, police said.

Park rangers advised the San Francisco Police Department that a “large group of juveniles” were having an unpermitted party in the park near 25th Avenue and Fulton Street at around 7:43 p.m. Saturday. The gathering was then dispersed by rangers, according to police.

Police did not confirm the number of people involved, but a voice on a recording on what appears to be a San Francisco Fire Department channel on the crime reporting app Citizen can be heard saying there were around 1,500 youngsters present.

Footage shows the aftermath from a party in Golden Gate Park on March 18, 2023. | Courtesy Jacob

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“There's about 1,500 high school kids at the intersection of 25th and Fulton, some with dirt bikes, causing a severe—[inaudible]," a voice in the recording said.

A Reddit post about the incident described it as “chaos.”

“Hundreds of teenagers all gathered. Fireworks, cops, bottles smashing, cars honking," the Reddit poster wrote. "Is this like a Project X type party or something? I’ve lived here a while but never seen something quite on this scale.”

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department said after publication that around 500 teenagers started their party in the Polo Fields and were eventually dispersed.

The fire department was contacted for comment.

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