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San Francisco police shooting: Man threatened to kill officers, drew gun

Ryant Bluford is seen in body-worn camera footage shortly before he was shot and killed by police on July 26, 2023. | Source: Courtesy photo

A San Francisco man was shot dead by police after trying to interfere in an arrest and pointing a gun at officers in Bayview-Hunters Point, authorities said Friday.

Ryant Bluford, 41, drew the handgun from his waistband and extended it toward officers before they shot him shortly before 3 p.m. July 26 at Catalina Street and Fairfax Avenue, according to San Francisco Police Acting Cmdr. Mark Im.

The officers who discharged their firearms were identified as Bayview Station patrol officers Marko Radin, a four-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, and Peter Van Zandt, who joined the department six years ago.

Police described the shooting and released video of the deadly encounter in a live video event posted online Friday.

The shooting happened after Bluford tried to stop plainclothes officers from detaining a man who had a warrant out for his arrest, leading officers to call for backup. Police said Bluford threatened the officers and flashed a handgun in his waistband.

“On my momma’s soul, uncuff him right now before I kill one of you,” Bluford told the officers, according to police.

Bluford was in the middle of the street with his hand at his waistband when the backup officers from Bayview Station confronted him.

“Get your hands up or I’ll shoot you in the head,” one officer shouted at Bluford repeatedly while pointing a rifle at him, according to body-camera video.

Video shows him giving police the middle finger, drawing the pistol and raising the gun toward the officers who then shot him.

The shooting spurred police to postpone the neighborhood National Night Out event that was scheduled to take place Aug. 1, Bayview Station Capt. David Maron said.

Bluford had a history of violence. The news site Mission Local reported that Bluford was convicted in the 2006 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl.

The shooting remains under investigation by multiple entities.

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