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Jony Ive shaped the iPhone. These are the songs that shaped him

Jony Ive, in black-and-white, holds his glasses in front of his face and stares directly into the camera.
Podcast art by Clark Miller

In each episode of our new podcast, “Life in Seven Songs,” we ask the world’s brightest minds and leaders—what songs tell the story of your life? Below, our interview with Apple’s former design boss Jony Ive. 

This podcast guest has likely had a profound impact on your life.

Sir Jony Ive is the former chief design officer for Apple, and the mastermind behind devices most cannot imagine living without—the Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and more. Ive joined Apple at just 25 years old, and together with Steve Jobs, transformed what was a financially troubled company into the creative juggernaut it is today. The famed designer, who is also a husband and father, left Apple in 2019 to found his own design collective called LoveFrom, headquartered in San Francisco.

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His seven songs transport the listener from his “lonely” childhood in Chingford, London—where he disassembled radios and dreamt up designs for sleds—to his creative university years at a top design college in Northern England. They cover his transformative decades at Apple—both pre- and post-Steve Jobs—and his present day work at LoveFrom. Here’s his playlist.

1: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da – The Police
2: Main Theme / Carter Takes a Train– Roy Budd
3: Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone –The Temptations
4: Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
5: Define Dancing – Thomas Newman
6: 40 – U2
7: This Is The Day – Ivy

You can listen to Jony Ive’s full playlist on Spotify. Find the transcript of the episode here. Thoughts? Guest suggestions? Email us at