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‘Where’s your sniper rifle?’: Huge police standoff ends after 4 hours

Police officers wearing helmets and carrying rifles hurry down a street.
Armed police offices respond to reports of shots being fired during a home eviction in the Corona Heights neighborhood on Wednesday. | Source: Jason Henry for The Standard

An injured man was taken into custody hours after he fired shots at sheriff’s department officials who had come to evict him from an apartment near San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park on Wednesday, officials said.

The man was being taken to a hospital for a medical assessment of unspecified injuries, but no officers or deputies were hurt, a police officer told The Standard. Shortly before the man was taken away to a hospital, several loud bangs were heard in the area.

The standoff started around 10:45 a.m. when that unidentified person being evicted fired multiple shots through a door toward members of the sheriff’s office, according to Capt. Alejandro Cabebe, a spokesperson for the office. No one was injured by the shooting.

The major police response focused on an apartment building near the intersection of 14th Street, Roosevelt Way and Alpine Terrace in the Corona Heights neighborhood. Two police drones were seen hovering above a home near 100 Roosevelt Way.

A reporter had heard one sheriff’s deputy calling for special weaponry late in the morning.

“Where is your sniper rifle? We need it,” the deputy said.

The image shows a police officer in tactical gear, including a helmet, body armor, and a rifle, standing near a police vehicle on a sunny day. Trees are visible in the background.
Heavily armed police officers outside McKinley Elementary School near Buena Vista Park on Wednesday. | Source: Jason Henry for The Standard
Two police officers in uniform stand beside a motorcycle outside a building with colorful mosaic artwork. One officer is holding a baton, and both appear alert.
McKinley Elementary is being used as a command center for the incident. | Source: Jason Henry for The Standard

An apartment building on Roosevelt Way was evacuated. Summer school students at nearby McKinley Elementary School were being kept indoors.

“We’re freaking out a bit,” said Markus Merlino, whose children were inside. “We’re just worried. Our kids are in there on lockdown, but it’s probably a good thing.”

Another parent who didn’t want to share her name said, “I was just driving by and saw the cop cars and was like, ‘Oh shit. That’s their school. It’s my worst nightmare.”

A couple who had an appointment at a hospital nearby said they were unable to leave the neighborhood due to the commotion.

A man in sunglasses stands in front of McKinley Elementary School, holding a drink. Two police officers are nearby, engaged in conversation. A motorcycle and a tree are also visible.
Markus Merlino has two children inside McKinley Elementary for a summer school program. | Source: Jason Henry for The Standard

“We can’t get out. Our car is blocked in,” said Audry Davidson, who was with her husband.

A teen who lives nearby said he woke up to the sound of police sirens.

“Usually, nothing happens on this block or in this area,” said 18-year-old Miguel Carriedo.

Law enforcement urged people to avoid the area.

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