[vc_row][vc_column][november2022_election_results bos-d2-enable-winner="true" bos-d4-enable-winner="true" bos-d6-enable-winner="true" bos-d8-enable-winner="true" bos-d10-enable-winner="true" da-enable-winner="true" boe-enable-winner="true" ccb2-enable-winner="true" ar-enable-winner="true" bart-enable-winner="true" pd-enable-winner="true" local-props-a-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-b-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-c-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-d-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-e-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-f-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-g-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-h-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-i-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-j-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-l-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-m-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-n-enable-pass-check="true" local-props-o-enable-pass-check="true" state-props-1-enable-pass-check="true" state-props-26-enable-pass-check="true" state-props-27-enable-pass-check="true" state-props-29-enable-pass-check="true" state-props-31-enable-pass-check="true" show-maps="true" bos-d2-disable-winner="true" da-disable-winner="true" local-props-a-disable-pass-check="true" local-props-n-disable-pass-check="true" state-props-1-disable-pass-check="true" local-props-a-disable-winner="true" state-props-1-disable-winner="true" bos_title="Board Of Supervisors" bos_introduction="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum, ac aliquet odio mattis." local_props_title="Local Propositions" local_props_introduction="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum, ac aliquet odio mattis." state_props_title="State propositions" state_props_introduction="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc vulputate libero et velit interdum, ac aliquet odio mattis." local_props_a_text="custom text for prop A" bos-title="San Francisco Board of Supervisors" local-props-title="Local Propositions" local-props-introduction="San Francisco has a unique political system in which many government actions—whether they be new laws, tax and spending decisions or changes in how the city operates—are subject to the will of the voters. Voters decided on 14 ballot measures this election." local-props-a_text="custom prop A text" state-props-title="State propositions" local-props-a-text="Prop. A would grant additional cost-of-living benefits to certain city retirees and allow the Retirement Board to contract with future directors." bos-d2-title="District 2" bos-d4-title="District 4" bos-d6-title="District 6" bos-d8-title="District 8" bos-d10-title="District 10" other-local-offices-title="Other Local Offices" da-title="District Attorney" boe-title="Board of Education" boe-text="There are 3 open seats" ccb4-title="Community College Board" ccb4-text="The 4 year term has three open seats" ccb2-title="Community College Board" ccb2-text="The 2 year term has one open seat" ar-title="Assessor-Recorder" bart-title="BART Board of Directors, District 8" pd-title="Public Defender" local-props-a-title="Prop A" local-props-b-title="Prop B" local-props-b-text="Prop. B would undo the 2020 proposition that ordered the creation of a new Department of Sanitation and Streets and return its duties to the Department of Public Works." local-props-c-title="Prop C" local-props-c-text="Prop. C would create a new commission to oversee the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing." local-props-d-title="Prop D" local-props-d-text="Prop. D is the latest effort by the mayor and her political allies to boost housing construction. If Prop. D gets more votes than rival Prop. E, then it nullifies the latter." local-props-e-title="Prop E" local-props-e-text="Prop. E was devised by opponents of market-rate housing development as an alternative to Prop. D. If Prop. E gets more votes than Prop. D, then it nullifies the latter." local-props-f-title="Prop F" local-props-f-text="Prop. F would continue a property tax carve-out for the Library Preservation Fund, which is used to fund library services and materials. The set-aside is 2.5 cents per $100 of property tax revenue." local-props-g-title="Prop G" local-props-g-text="Prop. G establishes a new fund for grants that aim to support the academic achievement and social and emotional wellness of SF school students." local-props-h-title="Prop H" local-props-h-text="Prop. H would shift elections for mayor, sheriff, district attorney, city attorney and treasurer to even-numbered years." local-props-i-title="Prop I" local-props-i-text="Prop. I is the drivers’ revenge: Reopen all of JFK Drive and the Great Highway to cars." local-props-j-title="Prop J" local-props-j-text="Prop. J makes car-free JFK Drive permanent (See Prop I above). If it gets more votes than Prop. I, then the JFK Promenade, and its walkers and bikers and skaters, will win the day." local-props-l-title="Prop L" local-props-l-text="Prop. L would renew the 0.5% sales and use tax, which funds transit and street improvements, for another 30 years." local-props-m-title="Prop M" local-props-m-text="Prop. M would tax apartments in buildings with three or more units that are kept vacant for more than six months." local-props-n-title="Prop N" local-props-n-text="Prop. N, another measure related to cars in Golden Gate Park, would enable the city to take over the underground garage in the park’s Music Concourse and turn it into public parking." local-props-o-title="Prop O" local-props-o-text="Prop. O would add a small amount of additional property tax, ranging from $150 to $4,000, beginning in July 2023 to fund specific programs at City College." state-props-1-title="Prop 1" state-props-26-title="Prop 26" state-props-27-title="Prop 27" state-props-28-title="Prop 28" state-props-29-title="Prop 29" state-props-30-title="Prop 30" state-props-31-title="Prop 31" state-props-1-text="Prop. 1 would amend the California Constitution to enshrine a fundamental right to reproductive freedom." state-props-26-text="Would allow tribal casinos and the state’s four horse race tracks to offer in-person sports betting." state-props-27-text="Would allow licensed tribes and gaming companies which contract with them to offer mobile and online sports betting." state-props-28-text="Requires the state to allocate at least 1% of Prop. 98 funding — money guaranteed for public schools and community colleges in the state budget — for music and arts education." state-props-29-text="This is the third ballot initiative in recent years that aims to change how kidney dialysis clinics operate." state-props-30-text="Imposes a 1.75% personal income tax increase on Californians making more than $2 million per year to fund climate programs." state-props-31-text="Affirms a 2020 law banning sale of some flavored tobacco products." voter-turnout-title="Voter Turnout" voter-turnout-datawrapper-id="lXj5T" local-props-maps-title="Precinct-Level Voting Maps for Local Propositions" local-offices-maps-title="Precinct-Level Voting Maps for Local Offices" local-props-a-map-description="Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living Adjustment; Retirement Board Contract with Executive Director" local-props-b-map-description="Public Works Department and Commission, Sanitation and Streets Department and Commission" local-props-c-map-description="Homelessness Oversight Commission" local-props-d-map-description="Affordable Homes Now" local-props-e-map-description="Affordable Housing Protection Act" local-props-f-map-description="Library Preservation Fund" local-props-g-map-description="Student Success Fund – Grants to the San Francisco Unified School District" local-props-h-map-description="City Elections in Even-Numbered Years" local-props-i-map-description="Vehicles on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway" local-props-j-map-description="Car-free JFK Drive" local-props-l-map-description="Renewal of Transportation Tax" local-props-m-map-description="Vacant Apartment Tax" local-props-n-map-description="Golden Gate Park Garage" local-props-o-map-description="City College Parcel Tax" bos-d2-map-title="Board of Supervisors District 2" bos-d4-map-title="Board of Supervisors District 4" bos-d6-map-title="Board of Supervisors District 6" bos-d8-map-title="Board of Supervisors District 8" bos-d10-map-title="Board of Supervisors District 10" bos-d2-datawrapper-id="7OEV4" bos-d4-datawrapper-id="bUu0L" bos-d6-datawrapper-id="vQayO" bos-d8-datawrapper-id="bAxc8" bos-d10-datawrapper-id="XlvGz" da-datawrapper-id="tM11V" boe-datawrapper-id="58Me0" ccb4-datawrapper-id="t7teb" ccb2-datawrapper-id="yXTpw" ar-datawrapper-id="1q3zc" bart-datawrapper-id="GHqLJ" pd-datawrapper-id="kQQzH" local-props-a-datawrapper-id="NgSQo" local-props-b-datawrapper-id="0KPgu" local-props-c-datawrapper-id="2CmqB" local-props-d-datawrapper-id="l4HKc" local-props-e-datawrapper-id="MGvFr" local-props-f-datawrapper-id="T0miZ" local-props-g-datawrapper-id="xwpNu" local-props-h-datawrapper-id="PzeAU" local-props-i-datawrapper-id="7Ifx1" local-props-j-datawrapper-id="7BTEj" local-props-l-datawrapper-id="f0GaK" local-props-m-datawrapper-id="iiuIr" local-props-n-datawrapper-id="3o8Gr" local-props-o-datawrapper-id="Ilrn4" bos-d6-text="First choice results" da-text="First choice results" state-props-1-yes="3587589" state-props-1-no="1955049" state-props-26-yes="1654446" state-props-26-no="3869308" state-props-27-yes="929280" state-props-27-no="4641896" state-props-28-yes="3411873" state-props-28-no="2142089" state-props-29-yes="1659705" state-props-29-no="3862359" state-props-30-yes="2270432" state-props-30-no="3296890" state-props-31-yes="3443927" state-props-31-no="2101251"][/vc_column][/vc_row]