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Police to step up patrols in Marina, Palace of Fine Arts, after armed robbery incidents

A still from a video of the attempted robbery outside the Palace of Fine Arts | Courtesy ABC7 News

More police will be posted around the Palace of Fine Arts and Chestnut Street after brazen armed robbery attempts outside the venue earlier this month.

“My number one priority as the District 2 Supervisor is to keep residents and visitors safe, and to make sure that small businesses can thrive,” Supervisor Catherine Stefani said in a Monday press release. “Every day I hear from San Franciscans who are concerned about crime in our city, and I take this issue extremely seriously.”

The new measures will include additional police patrols and a $300,000 investment in unarmed San Francisco police community ambassadors, retired civilian sworn members who supplement beat patrols.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said in the press release that there will also be an increased police presence in the Fillmore, Pacific Heights and on Union Street.

“The SFPD is aware of recent high-profile robberies in the Marina and other popular city destinations," Scott said. "Whether you’re coming here to shop, to dine, or visit one of our many historical landmarks, we are committed to keeping everyone in San Francisco safe."

A still from a video of the attempted robbery outside the Palace of Fine Arts | Courtesy ABC7 News

Jason Hoover, the venue's managing director, called the additional security measures "extremely helpful" and said "continued and combined efforts need to be developed."

"We are all extremely grateful for Supervisor Stefani's initiative and determination on the matter," Hoover said in an email.

Jason Pellegrini, Marina Community Association president, added in the press release that increased security is "badly needed" around business corridors during the holiday season.

“Our neighbors, merchants, and visitors to the Marina will benefit from these increased safety measures," Pellegrini said.

The victim of the attempted armed robbery was a Dallas-based photographer in the middle of a photo shoot. The thieves attempted to steal his camera gear, but ran off after the victim fought back. There was a second successful robbery attempt outside the Palace of Fine Arts earlier that day on Nov. 9.

The Palace of Fine Arts criticized the city in response to the incidents, saying it tarnishes the city's reputation.

SFPD and the Palace of Fine Arts have been contacted for comment.