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Fire, Water Damage Shutter One of San Francisco’s Best Restaurants for Peking Duck

Written by Astrid KanePublished Oct. 30, 2023 • 2:15pm
The burnt remains of personal belongings are strewn in parking spaces following an apartment fire two days earlier on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond. | Source: Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard

Chili House, frequently rated among the best restaurants in San Francisco to get Peking duck prepared in the traditional way, has shuttered due to fire.

One of the most popular Chinese restaurants on Clement Street in the city’s Inner Richmond neighborhood was the unfortunate victim of a fire that began in an apartment elsewhere in the building on Sunday. The business sustained significant water damage, according to a spokesperson.

There is currently no information on when Chili House will reopen.  

The burnt remains of personal belongings following an apartment fire are strewn in parking spaces and in the street outside of Chili House & Peking Duck restaurant on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco on Tuesday, October 31, 2023. | Source: Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard

Chili House’s chef Li Jun Han is a Beijing native who has cooked for two former presidents of China. His famed, Beijing-style Peking duck is prized for its authenticity and cited as an example of the revival of high-end Chinese cuisine.

This is a developing story.

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