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Hella News: Wait, What Happened on Election Day?
Monday, July 04, 2022

Hella News: Wait, What Happened on Election Day?

Voters in San Francisco need a break after the city held its third election of the year Tuesday. Turnout wasn’t huge, but the issues on the ballot were—from the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin to measures to reform the way business is done at City Hall. Hella News hosts Meaghan Mitchell and Josh Koehn break it all down—well, some of it down—in this week’s episode.

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  • Han Li they have grown up in China but he’s got a lot to learn about San Francisco politics first of all not a lot of people will be jumping up and down by Rose Park and Willie Brown how come all of his article highlights Willie Brown political machine sycophants so whether this young man knows it or not he’s just passing on propaganda for the real estate speculating machine interest that is Willie Brown and London breed

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