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Daniel Lurie may be the richest person to ever run for mayor of SF. What does he own?

Levi’s heir Daniel Lurie has invested in everything from a pro soccer team in England to crypto, real estate and hedge funds

Daniel Lurie and his wife, Becca Prowad, sit inside a Levi's jeans back pocket as cash flies around against a blue background.
Nonprofit founder Daniel Lurie, who is also an heir to the Levi Strauss fortune, might be the wealthiest person to ever run for San Francisco mayor. | Source: Illustration by Clark Miller for The Standard; photo by The Standard

Daniel Lurie, a nonprofit founder and heir to the Levi Strauss fortune, is one of the wealthiest people to ever run a campaign to become mayor of San Francisco. But exactly how rich he is—and what kind of conflicts that money might present—have been largely unknown to the public.

Until now.

As a candidate for mayor, Lurie is required by law to file a Form 700 and disclose his economic interests before June 11. The forms are intended to give the public insight into public servants’ potential conflicts of interest.

However, Lurie’s wife, Becca Prowda, who is chief of protocol to Gov. Gavin Newsom, has been required to file such forms since 2019. The Standard has obtained these filings, and while the documents only report a range of values for investments rather than exact figures, they offer the most detailed glimpse yet into the couple’s wealth.

A review of the disclosures shows Lurie has held assets worth up to tens of millions of dollars that touch nearly every industry—everything from a professional sports team and cryptocurrency to hedge funds that have assets in fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals and real estate. In fact, Lurie’s wealth is probably an order of magnitude greater than the Form 700 reveals, given his substantial stake in Levi’s.

On Prowda’s Form 700s, which have checkboxes to indicate a valuation range for each asset, the Levi’s stock owned by her spouse is categorized as being worth “more than $1 million”—the highest-value box.  

Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie stand at a counter with "Department of Elections" signage.
Becca Prowda and Daniel Lurie went to the Department of Elections at San Francisco City Hall on Sept. 26, 2023, to file papers for his run for mayor. | Source: Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard

Many political observers believe Lurie will self-fund his campaign, which means he would reject public matching funds and not be subject to spending limits. That would all but guarantee the mayor’s race becomes the most expensive in city history. Lurie’s mother has already contributed $1 million to an independent committee supporting her son. 

Following a report on gifts, trips, real estate and stock holdings related to Mayor London Breed and some of her challengers, The Standard obtained economic disclosures that Prowda filed between 2019 and 2024, showing Lurie has extensive equity and partnership holdings and stock investments. Prowda became Newsom’s chief of protocol in 2019. Her job is to help fundraise for the governor’s trips and other expenses that are not covered by the state.

In 2019, the filings reported that Lurie’s stake in the Miriam and Peter Haas Investments LP—a limited partnership connected to his mother and late stepfather, who was the great-grandnephew of Levi Strauss—had numerous investments that totaled a minimum value of $3,324,000 and a maximum value of $33,170,000.

That fund has invested in dozens of assets that include EnCap Energy Capital Fund X, a Houston-based fund connected to the North American oil and gas industry; NGP Natural Resources X LP, another Texas-based fund linked to oil and gas equipment, exploration, production and refining; and Petrus Farmland Investors I LP, a New York-based fund associated with the acquisition of farmland.

In a more recent filing covering last year, the Miriam and Peter Haas Investments LP was simply reported as being worth above $1 million.

In late 2020, Lurie invested more than $1 million in a sports- and entertainment-focused limited partnership that was controlled by San Francisco 49ers owner John York, according to Prowda’s Form 700 filing and state business records. The entity ended up purchasing the English soccer club Leeds United in 2023, and Lurie retains a stake in the team.

Max Szabo, a spokesperson for Lurie’s campaign, said that the investments would be addressed to prevent conflicts of interest if Lurie is elected mayor.

“Daniel will take all steps necessary to restore public trust in government, including establishing a blind trust for any assets that could pose a conflict,” Szabo said.

In 2020, Lurie became a partner in Eighty-Seven Capital, a technology investment firm founded by Sam Hinkie, the former general manager of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. He invested between $100,000 and $1 million.

In total, according to Prowda’s disclosures, Lurie held stock, equity or a partnership stake in 22 different entities in 2021, including San Francisco investment funds, Headlands Strategic and Partner Investments, as well as the now-defunct hedge fund Marcato. By 2023, he had stakes in three limited partnerships with the name Wilmot Ventures, one worth more than $1 million and two others in the six-figure range.

Daniel Lurie speaks at a podium with a "Daniel Lurie for Mayor" sign.
Daniel Lurie announced his campaign for mayor of San Francisco at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House on Sept. 26, 2023. | Source: Benjamin Fanjoy for The Standard

He also created the Daniel Lurie Trust in 2021, and that entity had more than $3.1 million in investments as of last year, according to a recent filing for Prowda that was provided by Lurie’s campaign. The trust invested more than a million dollars in both NYDIG, a bitcoin firm, and JPAS, a fund managed by Jordan Park.

In 2020, Lurie reportedly made more than $100,000 from the real estate company 777 Tennessee Partners LLC, which was connected to a five-story mixed-use project in the Dogpatch neighborhood. State business records show that the company, which terminated its business license in 2022, was incorporated by Theo Oliphant, the managing partner at Axis Development Group.

The family's ties to Levi’s run deep. Prowda worked for Levi Strauss for almost 15 years, the latter half of which was spent working as the director of community affairs with a salary over six figures, according to her Form 700. She noted her husband drew a more modest salary running his nonprofit, Tipping Point. IRS records show Lurie received $98,000 in 2018. He stepped down as CEO of the nonprofit the following year.

Lurie and his family currently own a home in Pacific Heights, but in 2019, the couple sold a three-bedroom home at 80 Wilmot St., according to Prowda’s first Form 700 filing. A listing on Redfin shows the home—"built by Architectural Digest featured architect Richard Brayton”—sold that year for $3.65 million.

The mayoral candidate also bought a $15.5 million property in Malibu’s Point Dume neighborhood in 2021, according to a report by the Real Deal. That home likely won’t appear in the Form 700 that Lurie files this summer, as it’s outside of San Francisco’s jurisdiction.